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Vince is a dedicated professional and family man, with a heart for service. His flexibility and openness to new ideas is impressive, making him a great collaborator. As Program Coordinator of Shalom World TV, I remembered a talk Vince had given at an event some years prior, that had captivated my attention. I contacted him to see if he might consider being filmed for a Shalom World Luminous talk, a 15-minute reflection on Scripture. When I encouraged Vince to practice for a possible filming, he promptly sent me a video clip. We worked together to first turn the clip into the written word, which resulted in an article for Shalom Tidings. Vince was open to suggestion, making the editing process a joy. Some months later, he filmed two Luminous projects with Shalom. I appreciated his adventurous spirit in trying something new, and the down-to-earth stories he incorporated in exploring his material. Vince is a great team player, and has a drive to draw on his deep faith, in making a positive impact on the world.