…put a team of software developers together to accomplish a specific challenge. Whether you need to:

  • Add a little extra help to the team you already have
  • Provide a voice of leadership for the developers who are looking for mentorship
  • Gain a different perspective in your development from someone with a technically diverse background

Contact me today. I have been helping companies get the most of their technological investment since 1992:

  • Gathering process requirements
  • Coding
  • Developing solutions
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Advising

I am located in the Springfield, Mo. area but through the magic of the Internet, I can offer services just about anywhere.  I have worked with different technologies but mostly as an RPG programmer on IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i, or whatever you like to call it).  I have worked both independently and with other developers on larger projects. I have also lead small teams to deliver results to clients.

Contact me to discuss how I might be able to help you.

Vince has the knowledge and willingness to lead a team with no experience in RPG or the IBM environment and get them up to speed quickly so that they are producing quality contributions. He has a drive and passion for RPG that is only underscored by his years of experience and knowledge in the domain. He is an inspiring leader who drives his team to success by fighting on the front line with them. Always taking the initiative on task and looking for ways he can bring success. The words that best describe Vince are Knowledgeable, Hungry, and Integrity.


Kalin Bowden

Vince is a dedicated professional and family man, with a heart for service. His flexibility and openness to new ideas is impressive, making him a great collaborator. As Program Coordinator of Shalom World TV, I remembered a talk Vince had given at an event some years prior, that had captivated my attention. I contacted him to see if he might consider being filmed for a Shalom World Luminous talk, a 15-minute reflection on Scripture. When I encouraged Vince to practice for a possible filming, he promptly sent me a video clip. We worked together to first turn the clip into the written word, which resulted in an article for Shalom Tidings. Vince was open to suggestion, making the editing process a joy. Some months later, he filmed two Luminous projects with Shalom. I appreciated his adventurous spirit in trying something new, and the down-to-earth stories he incorporated in exploring his material. Vince is a great team player, and has a drive to draw on his deep faith, in making a positive impact on the world.


Marianna Bartholomew

Vince led a regular training session for non-developer personnel, such as QAs and a technical writer (me), to learn how to configure Duck Creek software to better perform at our respective jobs. Vince was a valuable colleague, not only for taking his time to teach us outside of his own work schedule, but for teaching us well. It was clear that he was adept enough at his own skill set to break down the content for us and develop a curriculum that allowed us to reinforce what we learned. He was a great teacher and of demonstrable value to our company.


Brittany Adams

I have worked with Vince for the last 3 years or so at Jack Henry and Associates. We are iSeries programmers using RPG, SQL, CL, and all manner of supportive software. Vince has been one of our leads in a major migration initiative. During this time, I have been impressed with Vince’s programming skills and professionalism. Specifically, Vince is a highly disciplined, reliable, and knowledgeable systems analyst and programmer. He has, on multiple occasions, shared his expertise with our group and represented us well to other groups working on the initiative. Vince is a true IT professional – understanding and practicing the unique and stringent ethics of our IT profession.


Peggy Esch, PhD

I have had the pleasure of knowing Vince Salomon for almost 4 years. We met just before his family moved to the Springfield area as he reached out to me to find out about the area before his family moved here. At that time I was leader of a local homeschool group which his family joined after their move to Springfield. Since then, Vince and I have worked together in several volunteer positions.

Vince and I have both been on the committee for American Heritage Girls, and Trail Life USA. I am treasurer for both groups, and leader of the younger group of boys in Trail Life. Vince started the Trail Life chapter and is the troopmaster and a leader of the older group of boys in Trail Life. He was most recently spiritual shepherd in AHG, leads the teen girls in their spiritual award program, and has previously been leader of the teen girls. While he is active in youth activities he also volunteers for adult events, for instance he is on the committee for a local healing conference for adults.

Vince is comfortable making presentations to a group and leading a group. In every volunteer position I have seen him in, he has talked to a large group of a variety of ages. Sometimes this is a group of kids, kids and their parents, or adults of all ages. He always appears comfortable and is clear in his delivery. For instance, he often gives spiritual talks to groups of children ages 5 to 16, and general information talks to these children and their parents. I have seen him a couple of times address a large adult audiences of about 150 people at conferences, thanking them for attending and asking for donations to enable future conferences.

I have worked closely with Vince in starting up a Trail Life USA chapter. Vince took the reins and handled all the tasks necessary to get this new opportunity for young men and boys established in the Springfield area. He handled recruiting, training, running board meetings, leading chapter meetings and he is excellent at applying what he learns from the national organization. Vince sometimes hesitates to ask people for what he needs them to do, but eventually he does ask them. He is very careful to look over the situation before asking people to do a job.

He also is good in working with the small group of boys in Trail Life. He gave the boys direction and makes sure the details are taken care of, but steps back and allows to boys to get the job done on their own. My boys really enjoy being under his leadership and are blossoming in their skills. Recently, the group built a bench out of tree branches and jute that could actually be used. Vince led the boys in completing this project by first practicing the basic techniques that would be required, then planning a design with them, and helping the boys cut the wood. Then Vince stepped back and let the boys build the bench. We used the bench by the campfire during that camping trip and it was surprisingly sturdy and comfortable


Krysta Bauer

Vince is a highly intelligent, motivated and very considerate competent person. I was fortunate to have worked with him at Christian Brothers Services. He wasn’t afraid of a challenge, the harder the problem, the harder he would assert himself into final resolution. He’s very reliable and a people person, always professional, with a sense of humor. Vince is totaling into sharing of his wealth of knowledge, asked a question and he would explain it precisely as well thoroughly. He has such broad skills, versed in communication of the whys and why not, hence the reason I certainly learned a lot working with him, as a Business Analyst. I’ll call him over and presented the problem to him, he’ll pull up a chair, and it would be worked out to perfection. Great team player indeed!


Patricia Deans-Broils

Vince was wonderful to work with. He has a broad set of skills and talents, and is very adaptable. He looks at problems as opportunities instead of obstacles, and knows how to prioritize well. Great attitude, great person.


Tammy Martin

It was a pleasure working with Vince throughout my years at Signature HomeStyles. Vince was the firm’s Sr. Applications Developer at the time and a significant asset to the firm! He was a great and reliable employee whose work demonstrated outstanding skills in organization, problem-solving and conflict resolution. He is a kind and caring person who gets along with all level of employees, he works well as a team player and also independently. I would enjoy working with him again!


Faride Paz

Vince brought a wealth of information and knowledge to our organization at The Homemaker’s Idea Company (Signature HomeStyles). His technical expertise quickly allowed him to assess the technology needs of the organization and he began to quickly implement solutions to successfully address those needs. I highly recommend Vince as he is a person of upstanding character and professionalism. He works effectively with all levels inside an organization due to his ability to easily gain respect and trust from his co-workers by his warm personality and caring nature . Vince is truly a great person of integrity and a forward thinker who produces effective results. I enjoyed working with Vince and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future!! 


Cara Olsen

Vince is an intelligent and thoughtful person who brings excellence to the environments he works in. I was fortunate to have served with him on the Omni Board of Directors and his knowledge was valuable and insightful. I have heard several discussions involving advanced IT topics between Vince and others with proficiency in the same areas and he is clearly very well versed and competent. In addition he communicates and shares knowledge in a kind and respectful way. He gets along well with people and is genuinely a nice person who enhances the teams he belongs to. He is very reliable and hard working.


Yvonne Enselman

Simply I can say, Vince is a maestro. You name the technolgy and the problem, he comes with a solution in an artistic manner. I have worked with him on multiple initiatives and he is always a great team player lending his guidance and expertise, always in a professional manner and always with the best interest of the company in mind. He is a true talent and I thoroughly enjoy working with him. He can always be counted on to do the right thing, including just being a phenomenal team player. He meets every opportunity with hard work, intellegence, and enthusiasm.


Anil Pinninti

Vince is a true professional and goes that extra mile for you. He is a real pleassure to work with and I am happy to be part of it. Vince has been working at CBS and he is always trying to make things better.


Terry Egyarto

Vince is one of those coding guru’s who knows a little bit of everything, even areas outside his normal work experience, and is able to draw that in to complete projects using methods his peers didn’t even know existed. He embraces new technologies. He has a high degree of professionalism. He is a great team player, both when giving or receiving assistance.


Joe Brender

Vince is great person! He works well with all levels of employees and has a broad knowledge of business and technology. Vince is a creative problem solver and knows how to apply IT resources in an efficient way to meet business goals. In addition to his technical skills, Vince has leadership qualities that make him a good choice for managing projects and people.


Dan Trickle